Sunday, September 30, 2007



Birthday parties with your family and friends

Birthday bowling party on Base Kingston

Birthday pool party at our house

Birthday cooking class at Loblaws

Blue and red bikes

Braiding your hair

Climbing on a chair under the dining room table

Dropping you off/picking you up at school

Easter egg hunts

Eating ice cream at Dairy Queen, Laura Secord's and Reid’s Dairy

Elizabeth’s camera

Elizabeth’s red shorts and shirt

Elizabeth saying “I’m not so sure about this”

Elizabeth sleeping with her arms above her head

Feeding you in your highchairs

Gathering hen's eggs at Grace and Doug's

Going to the movies to watch Over the Hedge

Going to the park with friends

Going with you on school field trips to Lemoine Point.

Going with you and your classmates to Lakeshore pool.

Having you help me with the BBQ

Hiding under the footstool

Holiday get togethers at family and friends

Ice skates

Learning to ride your bikes

Lighting candles at St Mary’s Cathedral

Listening to Doug play the guitar

Lunch at Moxie’s

Painting at the Agnes Etherington Art Gallery

Peeking through the curtain on Malabar

Piggyback rides down the stairs

Pink and purple knitted, woollen hats

Pink and purple snow shovels

Planting and picking peas

Playing Can't Stop the Turtles

Playing “I spy with my little eye”

Playing in the red and blue cars

Playing Mancala

Playing monster with you and your friends

Playing office with you, and Ben, and your friends

Playing Pass the Pigs

Playing Tackaberry Tree with friends

Plastic placemats

Playing with Ben

Playing with Aunt Arlene’s dog

Playing with the toy kitchen set

Playing with the toy pizza maker

Quick Chek with a friend on Wednesdays

Riding on a tractor at Grace and Doug’s

Rock climbing at the Boiler Room and conquering “The Chimney”

Rocking you to sleep when you were babies

Sarah saying “Nobody ever listens to me”

Sarah in hospital with pneumonia

Sarah with one pupil larger than the other

Saying goodnight and good morning

Saying I love you

Sitting with your friends in the school yard

Sleepovers with friends in their camper

Songs we sang

Stories I told you in the parking lot near A&P

Swimming at the Progress Pool

Swimming in the salt water pool at night in Windsor

Swinging you around in an office chair

Taking you to the park

The Tea Lady and her dog

The tea sets Aunt Arlene gave you

Tigger the cat

Visiting Upper Canada Village; Point Pelee; the Corn Maze and the CN Tower

Visiting you in the hospital

Watching a friend play the piano at the downtown library

Watching a friend skate at the Constantine Arena

Watching TV shows like American/Canadian Idol and Dancing with the Stars

Watching videos like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Shirley Temple

Watching you play on the school play structure

Wearing my old sweaters to keep warm


peter said...

Jim, you are breaking my heart. This is me (and my family) with my immediate children, we haven't even gotten into the grandchildren stage yet. (Somehow I doubt that I'll ever know when or if any of my three sons marry, or if they have children. I am so sorry for them to have had this abuse done to them when they were children by the alienating parent.)

Judith said...

This is quiet one sided. I know these girls and they are happy and well adjusted girls. What I find disturbing is that there is another sibling not being mentioned. Are you gender specific? From what I have been told, you have not been excluded from their lives. You visit them at their school abd attend variuos functions. They rarely get a phone call from you.Especially if it involves something financial. You neglected to mentioned how you have fought the other parent in court for 12 years, and did not mention the mental, emotional, spirtual and physically abuse that was inflicted on the girls.The girls have told me that since your son has re-married and had more children, they have felt neglected. At least the mother gives 110% of her love and dedication to all of the children from that marriage. She has no other childern. I am appalled of your blog using the children like this for your own personal problems. I could go on, but if any one is interested to know, I can convey more, I know what this mother had to endure.You people showed her no mercy. Stop the nonsense. You have other grandskids, not too far away, deserving of your time and love. As far as I can see, you take pleasure in harrassing the mother. I don't understand this obession. The children are older now, They can contact you if they want too. Remember, human beings never leave a good thing.